Experience restaurant Locàle is the new culinary hotspot in Bruges where you can enjoy funky food with a unique origin all day long.

Chef, owner and host Jürgen Aerts and Chef Hendrik Dequeker together form the dynamic duo in Locàle. Jürgen is responsible for the service himself (as he started as a sommelier 25 years ago) and Hendrik, after 7 years of loyal service, becomes Chef. The principles of the renowned Kok au Vin remain in Locàle: excellent price/quality, top service and an intimate setting. But in these difficult times, the duo wants to bring people closer together through food and drink in a different way and let them really enjoy dining together. Locàle’s ultimate ambition: to genuinely make time for the visitors and all partners who commit themselves to the restaurant. Locàle resolutely opts for pure flavours, local seasonal organic products and home-made products. The casual enjoyment of authenticity, sharing love and food and being together are the pillars of Locàle.

Our credo: take your time and honor the origin

The idea of ​​Locàle arose from the thoughts of top chef Jürgen Aerts, who realized during the corona crisis that things had to be different: “First of all, I wanted to make time again and have time for the people around me, including the visitors of the restaurant. . It was a tough decision, but it was carefully made with my family, my feelings and the core message that we have all (hopefully) learned in these special times: “Make time for each other consciously and buy back locally as much as possible. 

Our partners

Locàle encourages the casual sharing of dishes, chosen by the customer or by the chefs themselves, with unique products. It’s very important to anchor us locally by being very selective and building long-term relationships with suppliers who share the same passion and philosophy about food. The combination of an almost homely warm atmosphere with tantalizing taste sensations that you experience together is central.

“Locàle should be a place where you can dream away and where culinary surprises are never far away.”

- Jürgen Aerts

Curious how we convert this vision into unique experiences at the table? Book your place here!

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