Snacks & Bites to share

We recommend  3 to 4  Bites to share with  2persons.
Nous conseillons  3 à 4 Bites to share pour 2 personnes.

We only consider life threatening allergies (Nuts and Shellfish)
Nous considérons uniquement les allergies mortelles (Noix, Crustacés et Coquillages)

Bites to Share
(All Bites Are Made For 2Persons)

Sourdough bread by Tursen – Farm Butter

Grey Shrimp Croquettes (4 Pieces)
Lemon – Parsley

Quail Legs (8 Pieces)
White BBQ Sauce

Bruschetta (2 Pieces)
Cauliflower – Hazelnut – Gruyère de Savoie Cheese


Confit Kohlrabi
Sea Buckthorn – Yogurt – Chili – Basil

Jerusalem Artichoke and Chestnut Soup
Smoked Wild Boar Ham – Parsnip Toast

Scallops from “Dieppe” (2 Pieces)
Chicory – Celeriac – White Wine Sauce


Wild Forest Mushrooms & Salsify
Dill – Buckwheat

Catch of the Day
‘We Support NorthSeaChefs’
€Daily Price

Veal Ribeye 
Cabbage – Pickels – Carrot – Tarragon


Lunch Experience Local :

3 Bites 36€ pp / 4Bites 45€
A selection of  bites to share chosen by the Chef
Wed – Thurs – Fri  (12:00 – 15:00)

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Our snacks & bites to share are made with local seasonal products that do justice to their origin.

All dishes are for sharing and come to the rhythm of the kitchen in the middle of the table.

We recommend  3 to 4 Bites to share per person with 2 persons.
Nous conseillons 3 à 4 Bites to share pour 2 personnes.

I want
to eat
all day
with you!


Crème Brûlée
White Chocolate – Thyme – Chicory €14

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate €10


Selection Belgian Cheese
Toast with Pinda, Porto & Apricots €18

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